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L.A.S.E.R. (Rocket Club) 

Lake Area Students Engineering Rockets

Club Open to the Community (Currently looking for a new launch site - no launches now)


Club Application

Launch Site - To be determined as of May 17, 2021 - Looking for a new site.

National Association of Rocketry

For information contact: Mike Meredith at or 352-385-5190 

HIGH POWERED ROCKETS:  Unfortunately our field is not large enough for high powered rockets or a place for certification.  Check the NAR site to find a club close to you that can provide this certification.  


Rocket Launch Dates: Next launch is TBD - We lost our launch site and are looking for a new field.   Club Officer mobile numbers are listed below if you want to confirm anything on launch day.   

We welcome guests to our club.  First time visitor launches free.  If you like us, join our club for only $10 and come back.  Or you can pay a $5.00  launch fee if you don't care to join our club.  

Dates for 2021 will be the third Sunday each month, 9:00 a.m.   We will always confirm launch just prior due to weather or other competing factors.  New members welcome.                                               

Club Meetings will be held along with launches. 

Club Officers:

Mike Meredith, President (407-697-5314 mobile))

Kevin Pokorney, VP/Safety Officer (352-455-3369 mobile)

Jan Meredith, Secretary/Treasurer (407-808-8353 mobile)


May 16, 2021 Launch

We had a great day  with over 20 in attendance.  Our little club continues to grow each month and we have about five more planning to join.  The camaraderie with our members is so rewarding and makes me think we have the best club around!  Well, I'm biased I guess. Kevin Pokorney kept busy all day making sure we had safe launches.  I believe he got a little sunburned.  Mike Meredith was busy at the table giving  advice, helping with repairs and checking rocket safety.  I especially love all the family spectators who come to cheer on the rocketeers.  Maybe next launch will be no wind along with the sunshine. 

April 25, 2021 Launch

What a rainy start to the day.  A few diehards came out for our launch.  Kevin P and Mike M were able to load up the equipment from the storage room in-between heavy rain, but then we all sat in our vehicles until about 10:00 waiting for the rain to stop, which it did.  We got set up and kept the launch stations busy.  We understand those of you who decided to stay home.  It sure didn't look promising!  But the young and old and all in-between had a great time.  Three rockets joined the others across the road in the trees and swamp.  Dylan and Liam will need to get back to building for next month!

We were happy that Ted's brother, Tom, came from Alabama to join the fun.  The peanut gallery kept us all entertained. 

Some sad news, our Camp Liasion, Elias, is moving to Ohio.  He said he really enjoyed working with the new owners of Pine Lake Retreat but felt God's leading in this move.  He will be overseeing the Seventh-day Adventist camp/retreat in Ohio.  We did warn him that is snows there.  He is moving this week.  He said he has enjoyed working with our group.

Some of you noticed some trenches when you drove in.  Elias said the new owners are going to plant fruit trees on the property.  We're guessing it will be on the first part of the field by the entrance. 

We understand Chris is still having back problems and send our hugs and prayers to him.  We are hoping and praying that our May 16 launch will be weather perfect and that all will be in good health and able to come out.

We appreciate each of you.


March 21, 2021 Launch

The weather today was most uncooperative!  But there were some diehards who did show up and the drizzle ended right after our club meeting, so we set up a few launch stations and pretended it was a beautiful day.  Unfortunately the wind picked up and we waved bye to two rockets.  We did have a nice day and missed those of you who were not able to make it (can't blame you a bit!).   We did get three new members today and want to welcome them to the club.  Please reach out to all the kids and provide any support they may need at the launches.  Our next launch will be on the 4th Sunday of April due to Mike and Jan being out of town.  So hope to see all of you on April 25 at 9:00.  We will then move back to the 3rd Sunday moving forward.  I will forward the minutes via email from our club meeting today.  

February 21, 2021 Launch

In spite of the windy day, we had a great turn out and a lot of fun.  Welcome to our new members Pat and Liam McDermott, Deena Balkarran and Tim Perry.  I spoke with the founder of our club, Pastor Tom Baker on Sunday.  He lives in Maryland now, but was excited to hear of how our club has grown and of the youngsters.  If you look closely in the photos, you will see a rocket floating in the pond!  Joe, the prize was closet to the pad, not farthest!  And sorry to all of our rocketeers, but my favorite is the youngest - Ethan!  2 years old and showing quite the interest.  And Chris M, better park your car farther away next month! (Glad you were able to be with us today). We are blessed to be able to launch when so many other launch sites aren't open.   We appreciate each one of you.  See you in March!

January 17, 2021 Launch

We started the new year off with a great launch day.  Perfect weather and a big group.  We added three new members: Chris Kidwell, Danny Shafar, and Milan & Chase Lombardi.  Several of our members drive quite a distance and we are happy they choose to participate.  I think everyone had several great launches.  We lost a couple rockets....RIP.  There were a couple highlights I can mention:  The Coffee Can Rocket (wow Kevin Alspaugh!) and Dylan's mosquito that he found after each launch.  Thanks all for coming out.  Looking forward to February.  What will Jim build to commemorate the holiday???


December 20, 2020 Launch

Wow, what a great turn out for our Christmas themed launch.  Ended up with a few sprinkles but I think most everyone had an opportunity to launch their rockets.  One of the interesting rockets was Kevin's Pringles rocket.  The engineer in him showing off.  Of course it wouldn't be a fun day without one of Jim's themed creations.  Rockets went far and high with only one loss.  We think it went up and up and never returned to earth.  Thanks to Kevin A and Mike M for the donations for the fun drawing.  Several attendees received a rocket kit so we expect some newly built rockets at our January launch.  We welcome new members Dylan Connolly and Mike Daley.  See you January  17, 9:00 a.m.,  weather permitting.

November 15, 2020 Launch

This was a great day for a launch.  Hardly any wind and a sunny day.  We had new members join and a few guests.  A special welcome to Ted Moo, 80 years old and getting back into rockets.  And so happy to see Lila and Elijah, our youngsters.  We also enjoy the description of the rocket and/or motor when launching.  And what a day to launch, celebrating another Falcon 9 launch, this time with four crew members.  Go Space Force!

Chris sent several additional photos to add to our collection so you may want to look at the last ten.  Great shots.  Enjoy.

October 18, 2020 Launch

What a great day, not so hot.  Had a full crowd today with a few new comers.  Welcome to David H for a first time look-see-launch.  Pastor Jason and family joined us and provided us with the youngest spectator yet.  Jim never disappoints with his unique collection and we were happy to send the corona virus to space.  Kevin A is looking for a name for his huge coffee can rocket that we hope will launch in November.  Chris was there with his trusty camera and some great rockets.  Steven is headed to the hobby store to replace a couple rockets that didn't make it back to earth.  Joe always has a great collection on hand and we were happy that Anne was there with her trusty first aid kit to doctor some scratches. Kevin P is always early to get things set up with some great early helpers.  Mike H had some great rockets and of course Mike M thrilled the crowd with his glider rocket.  Great show everyone.  See ya in November.


August 16 , 2020 Launch


July 19, 2020 Launch


June 21, 2020  Launch


May 17, 2020 Launch (Thank you to Chris for many of these amazing photos!)

March 15, 2020 Launch


February 16, 2020 Launch



January 19, 2020 Launch

December 15, 2019 Launch

November 24, 2019 Launch

October 27, 2019 Launch


September 15, 2019 Launch at Pine Lake Retreat