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Ministry description: The role of this worship leader is to maintain the spirit of worship by inviting the community to actively worship God in their tithes and offerings. You will have 7 minutes to make the offering appeal and receive the offering. This person meets with other worship leaders in the prayer room on Sabbath mornings at 10:45 to receive final instructions, logistics, have questions answered and to pray.
In our worship of God, the focus of attention is upon Him. All conversation must be devoted to honoring Him with our actions. The theme of “giving” as an act of worship can be found recorded throughout Scripture. The complimentary theme of a voluntary attitude as guided by the spiritual heart must be addressed in the appeal. See Exodus 25:1 – 8 and II Corinthians 8:1 – 9 as examples of our Lord’s counsel to believers as they are invited to give.
Make the invitation an act of worship. Always remind the community where they are, that is, for example, “we are gathered in the Presence of God”. Also remind that the act of worship must be motivated by the love that God has placed within them. The act of giving must be motivated by one’s present relationship to Him.
Separate out the “returning of the tithes”, an act of worshipful obedience, and the “giving of freewill offerings”. Be careful to avoid the phrase, “paying my/our tithes”. A true worshiper does not “pay God back”. The idea of “paying” assumes a transaction between peers- customer and merchant with defined expectations between the two. Notice the counsel of Scripture, Malachi 3:6 -12- “return to Me and I will return to you”. This is an act of covenantal worship by faith.
If there is a particular emphasis for the offering, this will be brought to your attention in advance of your worship ministry on a given Sabbath. There may be a posted schedule prepared in advance. You will be alerted to such a source as it becomes available.
Keep the invitation pithy and short and avoid drawing attention to one’s own witness of returning/giving.
With the invitation to come forward have the basket in hand and positioned for easy reception. Once all worshipers have come forward, offer a brief prayer of presentation of tithes and offerings to God for His promised blessing and protection for their intended use. Also lay claim to the covenantal blessings on worshipers who have participated. Do not use the common phrase, “bless those who can give and those who cannot give.” The “widow’s mite” demonstrates that everyone has the ability to give, even if it is only one cent.
Know the location of the tithe/offering basket before the worship begins. If it is not present alert a deacon immediately. Also speak directly into the microphone, keeping the screen close to and just below the lower lip. Speak loudly, which typically makes for personal discomfort.
A deacon will come forward to take the basket from you after the prayer.
Finally, choose a seat close to the front of the worship center so that you might move promptly to your position of worship ministry.