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WORSHIP CHILDREN’S STORY    job description
Ministry description: This ministry is to be primarily directed toward the children and not the adult community. With this in mind, the spiritual focus must be tailored toward the lower elementary child and their capacity to understand. Thus, conversation should be spoken in “concrete” language verses the assumed more adult “abstract” language. This will take some careful preparations. Pastor Tom will be providing a spiritual theme at least a week in advance. Your story, parable or illustration should support this theme.
Coaching tools: Choose a seat close to the front of worship center so as to avoid delay. Invite children to come forward for your story time and this will be supported by a slide on the stage screen. Make sure you give a positive invitation for the children to come up. Assist children with their seating so as to keep them more tightly seated in the center of the step area. Two adults will be identified to assist on the “edges” of the children as needed. You are encouraged to bring visual aids for the sake of gaining the attention of children to aid in learning. If your visual aid is a liquid or other substance that might stain carpet, pews or clothing, make sure you have a drop cloth and or apron in place so that these things are protected. Place the children facing the congregation as it makes for ease in you being able to have ready eye contact in leading the story theme. If you message allows, it is best to sit with the children so that your back is not toward the congregation.  Once completed you may choose to have brief prayer.
Direct the children to take an offering basket to collect for Gateway Christian School. Also guide the children toward the various sections of the worship center and there will be deacons or assigned people to receive the children’s baskets once that have made their way to the rear.
Counsel: It would be well to make use of short texts from the Bible as your primary reference for application of theme. It is suggested that the story lead children to be invited to some level of personal concrete action in their young lives as believers in God. An example: “Next time you are afraid, pray for God to show you His love.“ or “The next time someone is mean to you will you pray that God will bless them?”
Timing: Please practice your story so that the entire presentation and the follow up gathering of offering does not exceed seven (7) minutes.