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Ministry Description: Meet with those leading the community in worship in the prayer room at 10:45am Sabbath morning (Our Preparation). The role of the worship host is to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the worship setting (Our Presence); to also set the tone for the worship theme for the day (Our Purpose); to embrace the ministry life of the church community by personal understanding and participation (Our Passion); and to draw the worshipping community into spiritual focus by engaging the presence of God (His Presence).
General coaching suggestions (Our Preparation): Pre-Worship meeting is to make sure all understand the days theme, relay any logistics, answer any questions, and to pray together with the other leaders. Be prepared to take your position 5-10 minutes prior to start time (11am). Position oneself within the area of the sanctuary where the spotlights will highlight your presence and remain there for the ease of maintaining the attention of the community; be sure to speak into the microphone positioning the wind screen just off/below lower lip. Be sure to smile giving eye contact. Also be prepared to exaggerate one’s facial expressions to speak louder than one would normally speak to the point of personal discomfort for the sake of being seen, understood and heard.
The Welcome (Our Presence): Offer a good morning/day/evening with eye contact and smile. Introduce yourself by name and give welcome on behalf of the pastoral staff of Mt Dora Church.
Turn the focus toward validating the presence of guests, members and regularly attending members, but do not identify guests/visitors by asking them to stand. An example: “We are pleased that you have chosen to join with our church today. Please know that the Mt Dora Church is committed to developing a warm, accepting and supportive community of believers and those who are seeking to know and believe in God our Savior, Lord and Friend, Jesus Christ. You are always welcome to be with us and hope someday you will choose to join with us in mission as we share the good news of God’s love, acceptance and life-transforming power to save and restore our lives for a divine purpose in this world.”
Announcements (Our Passion): Then turn the focus to our mission and reference it in specific practical terms as it relates to essential announcements. An example: “campus work bee”; suggested appeal related to our mission: “Our Mt Dora church community has committed to a lifestyle of worship through service. Part of our service is honoring God through keeping this campus in state of good repair and honoring His character of beauty and completeness showing no neglect. I would like to invite you to join with me in giving of your time and talent to maintaining this campus as a true representation of the eternal and great and generous God that we serve…..” Our goal is to have visual support on the stage screen beyond you as you speak if appropriate. While we encourage participation, we do not utilize guilt or shame as a motivator.
Day’s Theme (Our Purpose): Draw attention to the spiritual theme of the day as prepared by Pastor Tom. An example: “learning what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ “; reference Luke 9:23-24. “Jesus said, ‘If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” That sounds like a radical choice for a believer to consider. How can such a demand be made of me at this time in my life? I have a family and so many obligations….” Well, I invite you to join with me now and let’s prepare our hearts and minds to receive God’s word of counsel to us today. I know that whatever He brings it always is wrapped in a gracious blessing.”
Invocation (His Presence): Use this theme to appeal to the community for the sake of continuing journey of spiritual discovery by faith and to open their hearts to the Presence of God in Spirit. Offer a prayer of united recognition of this presence. An example: “Let us join together in claiming God’s promise of presence. ‘Father we know you are here, because we have gathered in your name. Accept our worship to you because it has been redeemed by Christ. Amen.’“  Turn the attention to the vocal group, i.e., praise team, chorister, etc.